About Arati Furniture

Arati Furniture is one of the best and most reputed furniture shop in Kolkata. We are furnishing trendy, contemporary and classy households and offices in the Kolkata with exclusively crafted teak wood furniture since last four decades. 

Our USP (unique selling proposition) is contemporary design furniture made of solid CP teak wood, modular kitchen & modern living sofa. We have huge experience and proficiency behind our name in designing the most stylish and elegant looking furniture for living rooms and bedrooms of our clients. At Arati Furniture, we believe in crafting and delivering the best for our customers. We continuously strive to provide the best product at the best prices accompanied by the best service in the industry. Being the best and bringing the best to you has been our goal since the very beginning.

The mission of Arati Furniture is actually the dreams of home owners. Arati furniture & Modular Kitchen is Kolkata’s answer to stylish & modern living. Our furniture, made of genuine Burma/ CP teak wood, lends a charm to the interiors that is both unique and rare. Furniture is coated in a transparent or colored melamine or PU polish to retain its original grains. We are the most renowned furniture seller in Kolkata. And assure Best Teak Wood furniture in Kolkata.

Furnishing your dream home in Kolkata to transform them into beautiful and useful spaces. We hate to revert till our customers are completely satisfied.Contact us for more details. We believe that the best is yet to come.